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Missing_thumb Doc Noize vs The BPA
-> Toe Jam (Doc Noize RMX)

released on July 09, 2011 20:19
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Finally I made my first remix! And it was quite some fun.

I posted some thoughts on remixing and tried to stay in compliance with those – though thing  

Well, it`s not the first version. It was quite important to me to leave the vocals as is – i mean not cutting them up. At first I wanted to port it to 123 bpm, which is 3/4 of the original, and would have been a nice house-speed. But then any usual rhythm scheme did not get along with the vocals in any way – but worth the try. Next I worked out a downbeat version and most of the elements and/or sound made it into the final version. The downbeat version just did not transport all the energy I wanted. Sooo, as faster is faster… here we go!

The acapella can be downloaded at Fatboy Slim`s Site