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Thumb_rockbox_disco Doc Noize
-> Sounds of Desire

released on March 10, 2012 09:07
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Some month ago, I wrote that I am not yet exactly sure, what Doc Noize will be about. So I guess, I now can answer this question with this release. What it is? Well, best you listen yourself. But I would say, jazzy house sounds, song structure, vocals (of course) brought together in a pop-ish way hits the spot pretty much.

I have been working on this song for quite a while, including many breaks (I made several other tracks in between). I started with the chorus (“Sound of freedom, sounds of desire” ). At the beginning I recorded the falsetto vocals during a spontaneous session. It took me quite a while to make those sit nice in the mix. Later I added the intro. Things became a direction, when I found that vintage-synth sample that plays the melody during the verse. Adding a fancy Moog lead-bass line – yummy. The pad that plays from the beginning on is a great Virus patch in my opinion. I also found a great bass on the Virus, but messed it up during the work with another track (arrgh). Took times to construct something that satisfied me again. You know that, when you loose something, you want it back. Exactly the thing (sound) you lost, although you did not care much about it in advance.

Anyway, wish you a great listening experience.
The Doc