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Thumb_rockbox_disco Doc Noize
-> Funking Dope Music feat. T. Etzkorn

released on March 27, 2012 17:33
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How often do you hear electronic Music with a trombone? When you`ve heard this, you will answer: “Not often enough”  
I got to know Thimo (his SoundCloud page) at a open stage night at a local culture club (KOHI) where he played really awesome, so I asked him if he is up for recoding some stuff for an electronic track. Well, recording is quite a while ago and I`ve been working on other projects in between, but finally it`s done. It`s acid it`s jazz it`s acid jazz. And it`s funky. Did ever anyone come up with the term acid funk?

Cheers and THX to Thimo – the man who plays the trombone like a trumpet  ,