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David Siani

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Thumb_028_24a chris

Glad to have you here…

so I guess you want to know who is David Siani and what is this project about:

my first contact with electronic music was in the `90s. After some experiments with Cubase and a MPC2000, Reason finally got my first real battlefield for sound creation.
I still love this tool, but now combining it with Cubase and I also checked Ableton Live! out.
Though my one man project (you got a look on right now) is about electronic music, I hope to fit not easily the boxes one might call Techno, House and so on. Neo- or Electro-Pop is a better description in my opinion, but I am rather looking for that special tweaking Shoegazing-Factor than wanting to stick to any genre conventions.

On the one hand I am curious about sound synthesis and studio technique, on the other I am interested into feeding electronic sound creatures into song-like structures.

In my opinion, my sound is not really Club music, also some tracks wouldn´t keep myself from dancing. But basically it`s rather nice listening. Drop me a line if you would want my music to burn the floors.

As I am using this place not only to show you what I am most proud of, but also for documenting my music, I am presenting almost all my songs. So take your time to get an impressions of my work.


PS Tell me if you share or adapt (remix) my work (e.g via a messages if you are computer-beatz user, or a comment if you are not)

PPS Feel free to contact me regarding multi-track recordings or project files.

PPPS Neither David nor Siani are my real names. My parents at first wanted to call me David – you know the story of David and Goliath? Don`t ask where I picked up Siani – I like the sound of that name…

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created at October 08, 2010 12:24