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Created by chris, on September 15, 2012 05:32

Record Case - DJ Talk: Don`t mess around!

over 5 years ago

Okay let`s talk straight. History is an important thing. It helps to learn from mistakes and tells you why things are the way they are. I really can understand if the leaders of the world, intelligence services and media corporations mess around with historical facts – it`s just too important to not cheat us. But don`t you dare to tell me what Electro is. It`s definitely not that rubbish that sounds like a Schranz version of David Guetta (yeah, at some point you really have to make David Guetta jokes). Have you ever heard about Miss Kittin and the Hacker or I-F? No? Then **$&"ยงยง’!<’ and do not tell me that it is Electro what you play. Especially, if I have not heard any 808 sound for the past 30 min.

Someone just had to say that. But, oh, wait… it`s not done yet… Minimal… can you please tell me what Minimal is? You mean that degenerated version of Techno? Techno always has been minimalistic music (thankfully with many, many beautiful exceptions). If you reduce it further, you get to a point where it is not even music anymore. It`s simple, plain DJ tools what you call Minimal. It seems some time after Robert Hood`s Minimal Nation people started to call Techno Minimal, Schranz became Techno and Schranz even more distorted.

After reading that, you understand why I like to use the generic term Electronic Music for my music.

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