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Created by chris, on June 01, 2012 08:57

Record Case - DJ Talk: Copyright

almost 6 years ago (edited on June 29, 2012 10:35)
And oh, it`s illegal too...

Some time after the beginning Napster, it became common practice to download any kind of content from the internet. More and more file-sharing services were developed on the one hand, but there are also different approaches like Creative Commons (that computer-beatz utilizes) or platforms like Youtube and Mixcloud that legally provide material which is copyright protected (at least some of it) for free. Exciting times! It is maybe understandable if end consumers sometimes do not care about copyright. The net somehow makes it hard to distinguish between legal and illegal content and if you have to pay 4€ to stream a low quality movie you sometimes just want to be your own Robin Hood. But I think that things look very different if you are an artist or a enthusiast who is actively taking part in culture by spreading and commenting on art (whatever art means).

Professional artists have to live from their work and for sure there is nothing wrong about taking money for it. Others do it ‘for free’. But almost all artists want, or at least appreciate interest in their work and advertence for it. This is something they will not get if there is no reference! It is almost amazing how desensitized people are regarding this topic. But it is completely not understandable, if people who are part of the cultural development act with the same ignorance as an average consumer. I cannot count how many “mixes” I found, featuring not even a track list. And oh, yes, many platforms require that you own the copyright! It is in the terms one accepts when signing in. Hence, it is illegal to post a mix on such a platform if it is not 100% copyright free music, respectively if the rights are not cleared.

One might say that this is an antiquated opinion. Bullshit! There are services that make it possible to share music yet feature references. And also the payment process is far from ideal, well, unfair for most artists, a proper mix-sharing service at least takes care that there is a payment process!

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