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Created by chris, on February 17, 2012 22:43

Places in the Web: Surf this!

about 6 years ago (edited on March 23, 2012 19:50)
Tweak `da thing

If those guys just were on my side of the ocean…

Let`s say moving to USA is 10.000$ How many gear will it need till it payed off to move  

Well, importing gear from non-EU does usually not pay of, sad. But still it`s good to know that they are out there  

Tone Tweakers

about 6 years ago
-> Useful

This a really cool site. There are other synth DBs. But this one is my favorite so far.

Vintage Synth Explorer

Just in case you look out for the same gear as I do: Do not be so brave to bid on my eBay item  

about 6 years ago

We are not alone:

Ander`s Beats and Things

Yep, that is it!

We are really not alone:
Alien Project

… I feel some envy… omg how cool

about 6 years ago
This is going to be huge

And my new personal favorite:

My project together with Alpha now has a face.

Someone said computer-beatz does not look so nice (btw a friend is doing a new design, hopefully coming up soon) – eat this f****** s***** %ยง’*’*/& Wahaahhaahaaaha    

almost 6 years ago
Advise needed?

How to change a pitch fader at a 1210 and other important stuff:

DJ Tutor

over 5 years ago
Which one?

The original TB-303 goes for insane prices. Not all the alternatives do what they are supposed to do. Which do and which not? Check it out here:

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