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Created by chris, on July 09, 2011 19:34

Music and Beyond: Remixing

almost 7 years ago (edited on January 04, 2012 21:03)
-> Mix it again

Finally I did it!

I made my first remix!


I visited Fatboy Slim`s site and there it was: a download for the Toe Jam acapella – YAY!

See (better hear) the result: The BPA – Toe Jam

Some producers work seems to be at least 50% remixing. I never really wanted to remix something. Why? Well, I guess there are two kind of remixes:

  1. make something sound different
  2. convert a song to another genre
    or something in between

First kind is often a nice thing, because electronic music really often can be altered very well. E.g minimal (a very overused term) by definition means to leave some things out. But “what you take”, is not usually the full universe of “what fits”. So why not leaving some other things out and taking some other things in? Or vary the rhythm `lil to lot… I count stutter voice remixes to this category. They usually reduce the original to dance-ish minimalism, which includes reducing the vocals – I talk about a club/dub version of something that was more song in the beginning and ended up in something more track like. But the border is very fluent towards the second category in this case.

The second type… well, the second type… I am honest: when I hear a Techno version of some Depeeche Mode song, my first thought usually is run. Electronic music is much more than out of the box beat lines plus something that was cool with some other song. I really prefer it, when Depeeche Mode stays Depeeche Mode and Techo stays Techno. If you got a good counterexample, where techno plus some prior cool song works out, pleas tell me.

So how can you remix The BPA, one might ask. Well, I guess my approach is best described in comparison with a cover band. It is a reinterpretation with different instruments (sounds). I do not feel that I completely switched genres, but giving things a (much) more electronic flavor.

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