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Frequently Asked Question

Currently beta, what does that mean to me?

Well, Computer-Beatz comes out of the forge right away. Don`t be afraid, it`s unlikly to burn your PC. I really hope that everything works fine, but there might be some issues here and there. Nothing dramatic - the information you post is unlikely to get lost. But maybe the last tweak will need some more days (or weeks or month).

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What is CB good for?

computrer-beatz has three major colums:

  1. Database: Here each registered user can create Artists, Labels, Albums and Tracks and associate them wich each other. You can rate, comment and mark those entries as favourite.
  2. Community: You can look for other users and communicate with them via massages and in groups. Each registered user can create groups and participate in groups. Read more about groups here.
  3. Weblabel: Last but by no means least is computer-beatz weblabel. Each registered user can upload music (wich will be reviewed) and make it public that way. Everybody can listen to and download that music.

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Why does one need CB when there is ...?

There are some other major domains that provide very similar services. Why is there the need for computer-beatz? Well, there is no need for computer-beatz. But it can be fun and productive anyway. Beside the fact that computer-beatz is still small and each user thus has the chance to get involved easily, computer-beazt is focused. Computer-beatz special interest is electronic music. But that does not mean you shouldn`t share your alternative or classic music. And computer-beatz especially wants to be a place to talk about music that might be available only on vinyl.

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Do I need an account?

If you are not registered you are free to browse most of the content as well as listen to, download and comment music released on computer-beatz. But thats it. Only registered users are able to comment on the music database, rate the entries there and mark them as favourite. Of course messenging and groups are available for registered users only.

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Wich browser is ok? Do I need Javascript, Flash, Cookies?

Computer-beatz tries to get along with all browsers. But of course you are encouraged to use an upto date browser. Not only because of computer-beatz but there are frequent security fixes for most browsers. If you log-in computer-beatz currently uses a cookie to identify you. So you need cookies not be disabled. Currently you really should have Javascript enabled (that is the standart for almost any browser). I will try to take care of the actions that work only with Javascript in the moment. But it will always be a more confortable browsing expirience having Javascript. Javascript is also used to warn you, e.g. if you are about to delete a message. For the Javascript sceptics: Computer-Beatz is aware of the Javascript security issues. But of course there never can be 100% security.
To listen to the published music with the Computer-Beatz player and for embedded YouTube videos you need Javascript and Flash (v9 or higher). Of course you can listen to the Computer-Beatz releases if you download them, without the need for neither Flash nor Javascript.

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How do I search for something?

There is a search field in the upper right when you browse the database, people or groups. Depending on what you browse in the moment, the search will look for different (the approrpiate) type of entries. The seacrch for Labels, Artists, Albums and Tracks (database) and for people features the following syntax:

>>+<< >> << (blank space) >>,<< AND
>>#<< AND NOT
>>|<< OR

E.g. Miss Kittin #Djax | Hacker will find items that either match Miss Kittin or Hacker (also The Hacker) but no items that match Djax (like Miss Djax). The advanced search will give you further control. There you can pass strings for several fields (also e.g. tags).
Group search works different. The group search if a full-text search. That means each post in each group is considered. Just pass some words (you are interested in), as you do when searching on Google and co.

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What is the association between Labels, Artists, Albums and Tracks?

Well, things are sophisticated in the music business. As it would be rather confusing than pleasuring to model each and every possible association computer-beatz focus on the following:
No association is a must, so no item has to be associated with some other!

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How are collaborations of artists modelled in the database?

As mentioned before - things are sophisticated! Computer-beatz does it like that:
Artist 1 and Artist 2 both might have publications on their own. And those two might have publications together, like Artist 1 vs. Artist 2. We do not model this kind of association. So the collaboration is considered to be an extra artist. This keeps things a little easier and you will still find such collaborations if you e.g. search for Artist 1.

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How are compilations are modelled in the database?

Gotta repeat, that things are sophisticated. A compilation is an Album with some specialities. It features many artists. Because of that, a compilation (an Album), should not be associated with an Artist - that`s nonsens! As having many Tracks, the compilation is indirectly associated with many artists. Well, this association is currently not shown, but you will find the artists when you click one of the compilation`s tracks.

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How do groups work?

Each registered user can created groups. There are two independent options when you create one: (a) Public/Non-public - If non-public, only users who join the group can read the posts. (b)Open/Locked - if open every registered user can join the group and post to it. If locked a user can ask to join the group. The group administrator will be notified and can either approve the request or deny it. When you create a group, you are the administrator. You are responsible to keep the group clean, as the administrator has the ability to delete posts. The administration can be given away to an other user, if this user accepts that request.

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How can I participate / upload music?

As a registered user you can create Projects. You can invite other users to your projects (yep, we make collaboration available here ;). The invited users will get notified. If a user approves your request to join, she/he will get a full member of the project. Each member has the same privileges! A Project can upload music. The music uploaded will get reviewed (details for the upload process are given on the upload page). If you pass computer-beatz incredible challenging review process (actually it isn`t), the upload will be published. Make sure to stick to the terms. That means you have to have the full copyright for files you upload! This includes the right for sampled sounds!
You are also invited to participate in other ways. Good at graphic design? Maybe you like to do some cool covers for releases. Or you like to clean up my HTML and CSS? Computer-Beatz is a RoR (Ruby on Rails) application. So if you speak Ruby and you like to help improving Computer-Beatz, I`d be glad to set up a web repository.

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What I am allowed to do with music found here?

First of all: You don`t have to pay for music on computer-beatz. Isn`t that great? Well, what exactly you are allowed to do differs from project to project. Each project can pick between several Creative Commons licenses. As well as specify own rules, e.g. on how to attribute the work. Wich license is valid for a publication is shown on the publication`s page.

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