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About computer-beatz

Computer-beatz is a beta version at the moment. That means there might be some things not working as supposed. Be kind and contact, if you expirience some strange behavoir. Well, most functions should work... maybe it`s already stable, who knows;) During development I used Firefox v3, I also checked some sore spots of the site in IE8, if you use any other browser or prior versions, the layout might look strange. I`ll take care of that soon, but till then I´d be glad to hear from you, if the layout breaks.

In the beginning the was music. Well, computer-beatz currently is a one man project, means all the development was done by one person (me). I started producing music many years ago. In days when there was no SoundCloude or muxtape or There have been some prior versions of this domain. After a long absence, I am proud to present you an upto date web2.0 page. What elese sould I tell... If you got critic, questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line:

Christopher Oßner
Wolfsgrube 17
88069 Tettnang